No matter what your vision is for you big day, you will find a variety of vendors with different budgets and wide menu options.  Whether you're looking for a buffet style dinner, or plated and served, you can feel confident that these vendors will provide excellent service and delicious meals!

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for several frequently asked catering questions and answers. 

Nameless Catering


Phone:    317.344.8449

City Barbeque

Phone:    317.430.3139


JacQuies catering

Phone:    317.875.5227


Simply serveD

Phone:    317.575.2244


Jonathan Byrd's

Phone:    317.843.1234

Do we have to use caterers from the list above?

Yes, please choose one from our preferred list, above. Initially we allowed all outside catering because a lot of venues don't and we didn't understand why! The truth is, after numerous weddings allowing any caterer under the sun to come through our door, we realized that not a workable business model if quality food and a quality experience is important to our couples and their guests. Some caterers were amazing, but some were clearly in it for the money and not the couple (like when we asked, do you help with XYZ and the caterer responded "they didn't pay for that." We've had issues with caterers showing up hours late and unprepared. We had caterers run out of food. We had caterers who routinely sent three 16 years olds to be the event staff. We had caterers who aren't as experienced with large events. We selected the caterers on our list because they are familiar with our venue, have shown to us that they can provide good food, and good service on your big day!  If you have a special caterer you'd like to use that is not on our list, please reach out to us. 

What are your policies on alcohol & beverages?

We do require you to use our in-house bar services.   Initially we allowed outside beer & wine, because honestly most venues don't and we didn't understand why! It seems like a great benefit to allow outside alcohol to help save your budget, but the truth is, the liability is too great for you, your guests, and us.  Your caterers may still provide non-alcoholic beverages if you choose.  We will do our best find a package that works best with your budget!  



SHOUP's Catering

Phone:    765.654.5626


White Willow